As someone who founded a non-profit based on the principles of reuse and recycling, I’ve spent years working on behalf of the environment. I am dedicated to ensuring that every Pennsylvanian can enjoy their constitutional right to clean air, pure water and the preservation of our land. I reject the idea that we must sacrifice the quality of our environment in the name of economic growth. I will vigorously pursue both current and emerging, innovative means by which to produce the energy we rely on in safe, sustainable ways. The best path forward will be one that builds a diversified energy portfolio.

We must ensure that corporate and industrial entities are regulated and compliant if they want to do business in the Commonwealth, and are held accountable when they break the rules. I will also fight to see municipalities given the right to decide what is best for their own communities, and to choose what kinds of operations take place within their borders. The future of Pennsylvania will be forged with a smart, thoughtful, multi-faceted balance of both traditional and alternative energy production that will continue to provide current jobs, enable the creation of new jobs and career paths, and spur economic growth while evolving toward a more sustainable future.