If a community cannot provide excellence in its public education, then it is failing not only the children of that community, but the future of that community.

As a graduate of public schools myself, and the daughter/niece/daughter-in-law/granddaughter of public school teachers, I have always understood the value of ensuring that our public education system is as strong and adaptable as possible. I will fight to see that the state legislature begins to adequately and equitably fund public schools throughout the Commonwealth, rather than passing that burden onto the taxpayers by forcing local school boards to raise taxes to make up for insufficient funding. Though the schools in the 28th district are among the best, we want to see all children in Pennsylvania receive excellent educations so that they too have the tools and skills to become successful, self-sufficient adults. Every study shows that investments in education lead to economic growth and success.

I oppose using public dollars for private education, especially for charter schools that have no transparency, no accountability, and questionable standards that are more concerned about profits than educating children. We must focus on improving our public school districts rather than undermine those districts via vouchers and allowing charter schools to flourish.

Though our public universities and community colleges are outstanding institutions, their skyrocketing tuition has made them increasingly unaffordable. I pledge to combat this out of control spending by insisting on more accountability and transparency, while working to increase funding where it is most needed, and seeking ways to reduce our shameful record on student debt. I will also work to increase funding for, and availability of, job training programs and incentivize the creation of paid apprenticeships to ensure that every Pennsylvanian who wants a well paying job will have the skills to enter or remain in the workforce. Our approach to education must be as well-rounded as diverse as the constituents of the Commonwealth, encompassing both traditional and non-traditional paths for our students.