I see myself as a public servant rather than a politician, and my only agenda is to advocate for the communities within the 28th district. In the ten years I have lived here, I’ve seen how our dysfunctional government wastes time and resources and returns little of value to those of us back home. We face a tremendous number of problems in the Commonwealth, and though I know not all of them can be solved easily or quickly, I know we can improve our future through collaboration, common sense pragmatism, and action. I will be accessible to you, accountable, and transparent.  And I will gladly work with members of all parties in Harrisburg who also want to forge common sense solutions to the problems we all face and which our children will inherit if we continually fail to act.

This job is about service, not the gathering of power to advance one’s career; it’s about returning power to our citizens. Representation is about being an agent for the will of the people. I am running for the honor and privilege to be a responsible, dedicated servant for the people of the 28th district. Your concerns matter and you deserve to see them being listened to and acted on for the first time in many years.  I’m committed to staying actively engaged and connected to our communities and residents so that I can be the most productive and effective advocate for all of you in Harrisburg.

If you send me to Harrisburg, I will never forget that I am there to speak for my neighbors, my friends, the children and the senior citizens, workers and entrepreneurs, and everyone who has welcomed me, my husband and our two children into this wonderful community.


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