Emily on the Issues

This job is about service, not the gathering of power for one’s self; it’s about returning power to our citizens. Representation is about listening, not telling; being an agent of the people for positive change. I am running for the honor and responsibility to be a better servant to the people of this district. Your problems matter and you deserve to see them being acted on for the first time in many years. Ask yourself how long it’s been since your representative sought your opinion. How can he presume to speak for for you when he is not willing to hear you speak?

I am not a politician and I’ve already achieved career success. My only agenda is to advocate for the communities within the 28th district. In the eight and a half years I have lived here, I’ve seen how our dysfunctional government wastes time and resources and returns little of value to those of us back home. We face a tremendous number of problems in the Commonwealth, and though I know not all of them can be solved easily or quickly, I can immediately solve the most basic and urgent problem of not caring. I know we can improve our future through passion, pragmatism, and action. I will be accessible to you, accountable, and transparent. I will work for you and answer to you. But mostly, I don’t care who I have to work with to get stuff done. I will gladly work with the members of all parties in Harrisburg who also want to forge commonsense solutions to the problems we all face and which our children will inherit if we continually fail to act.

My first career was as a professional writer, and the thing that makes a good writer is an ability to empathize, to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. My second career is in non-profit work. As the founder of No Crayon Left Behind, I have experience in problem solving, in business, in communications, and in working with people from many perspectives towards a common goal of improving the lives of impoverished children and other similarly challenged groups. I’ve worked with people of different parties, different religions, different economic circumstances, and I will bring that willingness and ability to find the common ground to Harrisburg.

If you send me to Harrisburg, I will never forget that I am there to speak for my neighbors, my friends, the children and workers and moms and dads and sick and healthy and everyone who has welcomed me into this wonderful community. I am committed to reversing the dysfunction of Pennsylvania politics and restoring integrity, fairness and decency to our process.