To have a functional and effective legislature, representatives must place people above partisan politics. The current legislature can’t get out of their own way to do what is right for the people of the Commonwealth. Instead, we have budget gridlock, a subsequent and inevitable credit downgrade, failure to make progress on public education (which is the absolute last thing that should be a partisan issue), and much more. We are supposed to all be in this together, but when our parties are in an endless war and prevent us from moving forward in obviously necessary ways, it’s no wonder we all lose faith in government.

I am running as a member of the Democratic Party, but I will fight hard and speak up for every citizen of my district and my state, and work to serve their interests, regardless of party. My foes are not Republicans, they are the forces of the status quo. That said, my opponent in this race is one Republican who represents party and donors, rather than constituents and Commonwealth. We cannot get over gridlock with him in power.

Too many of our representatives work in service to their party leaders, and have either forgotten that they were elected to represent the people or have been ordered to ignore that obligation. Many seem more concerned with climbing the government ladder than with service — they are career politicians with their eyes set on power rather than the betterment of our communities.