Pennsylvania’s economy is at its strongest when it works for all of us.

That means equitably investing in our workforce to ensure that Pennsylvanians of all ages and backgrounds have the education, training, skills and opportunities to equip them for the jobs and careers of today and those developing in the future. We need investment in local infrastructure, public transportation, strong minimum wage and benefits, a ban on discrimination in employment, safe work places, and the ability for workers to organize and collectively bargain. I understand the vital role union labor plays in our region, and while in office will be a check against political forces that try to chip away at unions.

We must also ensure that a wide array of companies and institutions are encouraged to do business in the Commonwealth, not merely provide incentives for the same few companies and industries. Creating a more attractive business climate will require serious corporate tax reform and the implementation of common sense policies that will allow small and mid-sized businesses to prosper. I will fight to end reckless fiscal policy, and close the gap squeezing middle class and working families. It’s time to solve real problems by forging realistic, common sense solutions.