A fair election process is fundamental to achieving true democracy.  Reaching that goal requires a multi-faceted approached which addresses a few critical issues:

  • Transparency and accountability on the part of all candidates, which includes campaign finance reform.
  • Ensuring that there are NO barriers to the voting process for any member of our society, and that those who require assistance in order to vote can receive it in a simple, safe and friendly manner.
  • Putting a stop to the destructive practice of gerrymandering.

This campaign is committed to running in accordance with those principles, and will use the opportunity to promote an end to the inherently corrupt and egregiously unfair ways that district lines in the state of PA have been drawn in the past.  For citizens to have a voice, they need to be able to vote, and those votes need to matter.  Until the processes of campaigns and elections are significantly revised, votes cannot accurately reflect the will of the people.  Fairness is not a partisan issue.  It is a right of our citizenry.


As a representative, Emily will be focused on putting the public back at the forefront of public service.  Her goal is not to be a politician but to be a voice for, and one who can act on behalf of, her friends, her family, her neighbors, and all the others with whom she shares the district. Emily believes that accessibility goes hand-in-hand with accountability and transparency.  She will work for you, and answer to you. And she will always listen to and hear you.

Emily will work with members of both parties in Harrisburg to forge commonsense solutions to the problems we all face. While her opponent, Mike Turzai, has created a toxic environment of gridlock, political combat, and obstruction, Emily will put the interests of Pennsylvanians first above party in order to make Pennsylvania a better place for all.


Emily will work to ensure that Pennsylvanians have a government that works for them. She will be an advocate of streamlining government services to reduce costs to the taxpayer. Emily’s approach will be to bring Democrats, Republicans, and labor together to root out waste in order to adequately fund priority programs like education, job training, and addiction treatment.