We live in a society that relies heavily on a strong energy grid to fuel our homes, schools, businesses, hospitals, cars and the ever-increasing number of personal devices. At the same time we need to be aware of the impact that our energy choices have on the global climate.  We are not yet at the point where we can rely 100% on renewable energy, but that must be our goal, and we must begin taking serious actions to get there. In the interim, we are blessed with an abundant natural resource that represents a step in the right direction. Of critical importance is the forming of a mutually respectful partnership between government and the energy industry to ensure that our oil and gas resources are developed in an environmentally responsible manner and on terms that are fair and transparent with landowners, citizens and the government.

The energy industry has made a significant financial investment in our communities, catalyzed the growth of numerous small businesses who support this resource, and fostered local job creation. A reasonable severance tax can be implemented without negatively impacting the continued growth of Pennsylvania’s energy industry.