If a community cannot provide excellence in its public education, then it is failing not only the children of that community, but the future of that community.  Emily is dedicated to creating a Pennsylvania in which every single child has access to the high quality public education that they deserve, regardless of their zip code. She will fight for increased funding for our public schools, while also making sure that charter schools are held to the same standard as traditional public schools. Emily will work for a fair severance tax on oil and gas drilling in Pennsylvania, dedicating a majority of the revenue to improving our schools and protecting the environment without adversely impacting the economic benefits of the industry.

Though our public universities and community colleges are outstanding institutions, their skyrocketing tuition has made them increasingly unaffordable.  Emily pledges to combat this out of control spending by insisting on more accountability and transparency, while working to increase funding where it is most needed. Knowing that our economy is everchanging, Emily will work to increase funding for job training programs and incentivize the creation of paid apprenticeships to ensure that every Pennsylvanian who wants a well paying job will have the skills to enter or remain in the workforce.