Emily’s top priority in the legislature will be to work to build an economy that benefits all Pennsylvanians. That means investing in public education and job training to ensure all citizens of the Commonwealth have an opportunity to gain the skills necessary to get jobs in both traditional and emerging fields. Emily will fight for more investments in roads, bridges, alternative energy and public transportation that are needed to modernize our infrastructure and grow our economy.


The U.S. cannot bill itself as a first world country and a global leader if it cannot deliver on the promise of caring for all its citizens. Emily is committed to increasing access to affordable, high quality health care. She will fight to protect and strengthen the Healthcare Marketplace and Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. She will be a vocal advocate for increased awareness, understanding and treatment of mental health issues, with a special focus on the rising rates of depression and anxiety among children and teens.  Emily pledges to pursue the most effective and cutting-edge methods of prevention, education, and rehabilitation to combat opioid and other drug and alcohol addictions.


The opioid epidemic is a national crisis that impacts all of us, and is far more complex than a simple law enforcement issue.  While Emily believes that drug dealers should receive tough penalties, she will also work to increase and strengthen drug treatment and prevention programs. In the legislature, Emily will work with law enforcement, local governments, schools, families and health professionals to develop a comprehensive approach to end the addiction scourge in Pennsylvania.


If a community cannot provide excellence in its public education, then it is failing not only the children of that community, but the future of that community.  Emily is dedicated to creating a Pennsylvania in which every single child has access to the high quality public education that they deserve, regardless of their zip code. She will fight for increased funding for our public schools, while also making sure that charter schools are held to the same standard as traditional public schools. Emily will work for a fair severance tax on oil and gas drilling in Pennsylvania, dedicating a majority of the revenue to improving our schools and protecting the environment without adversely impacting the economic benefits of the industry.

Though our public universities and community colleges are outstanding institutions, their skyrocketing tuition has made them increasingly unaffordable.  Emily pledges to combat this out of control spending by insisting on more accountability and transparency, while working to increase funding where it is most needed. Knowing that our economy is everchanging, Emily will work to increase funding for job training programs and incentivize the creation of paid apprenticeships to ensure that every Pennsylvanian who wants a well paying job will have the skills to enter or remain in the workforce.


We live in a society that relies heavily on a strong energy grid to fuel our homes, schools, businesses, hospitals, cars and the ever-increasing number of personal devices. At the same time we need to be aware of the impact that our energy choices have on the global climate.  We are not yet at the point where we can rely 100% on renewable energy, but that must be our goal, and we must begin taking serious actions to get there. In the interim, we are blessed with an abundant natural resource that represents a step in the right direction. Of critical importance is the forming of a mutually respectful partnership between government and the energy industry to ensure that our oil and gas resources are developed in an environmentally responsible manner and on terms that are fair and transparent with landowners, citizens and the government.

The energy industry has made a significant financial investment in our communities, catalyzed the growth of numerous small businesses who support this resource, and fostered local job creation. A reasonable severance tax can be implemented without negatively impacting the continued growth of Pennsylvania’s energy industry.


Emily opposes increasing taxes on Pennsylvanians. At the same time, Emily is opposed to tax giveaways to multi-national corporations that drain the budget while doing nothing to enrich the local economy and shift the tax burden onto hard working Pennsylvanians and seniors. She believes that the legislature must do more to address skyrocketing property taxes, and continue to explore alternative funding models for public education that rely on healthy, renewable revenue streams from a variety of sources.


As someone who founded a non-profit based on the principles of reuse and recycling, Emily has spent years working on behalf of the environment.  She believes that every Pennsylvanian has a right to clean air and water. She also believes the right solution is one that creates a balance between economic growth and environmental protection.  As State Representative, Emily will fight for investments in clean energy like solar and wind, while also acknowledging that coal and natural gas still play vital roles in the Pennsylvania economy and can be a part of the mix in Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard.


Emily believes all of us are created equal, thus the laws of Pennsylvania should reflect that. In the State House, Emily will work to strengthen anti-discrimination laws to protect the rights of racial and ethnic minorities, close the gender gap, and fight to ensure that our LGBTQIA friends and family receive equal treatment under the law when it comes to employment, housing, and all aspects of life.


Emily is pro-choice and believes that medical decisions should be made in consultation between a woman and her health care provider, and the government has no business interfering in these decisions. She will oppose any effort to restrict a woman’s right to choose, and will fight for increased funding for Planned Parenthood, and for increased access to contraceptives. Emily will work to end discrimination in the workplace and fight to ensure that every woman receives an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work.