Anyone who lives in the Pittsburgh region is all too aware that we have critical declines in our infrastructure that demand urgent attention.

The poor conditions of our roads, bridges and waterways pose risks to our health, our safety, our homes and businesses, and negatively impact both our current and future economies. Investing in infrastructure is simultaneously an investment in our workforce, in creating much needed jobs and opportunities for working and middle class families.

Given the rise in flooding incidents throughout the 28th district and the surrounding areas, we can’t wait any longer to address the serious problems with storm water management.  We also can’t continue to have an inadequate public transportation system that hinders our residents’ abilities to pursue personal, recreational and professional activities. Increasing public transportation would improve traffic on our roads, reduce pollution, and provide a safe, affordable way for many populations, especially our seniors, to stay active in their communities. Increased and improved transportation will enable our workers and businesses to expand their capacities, and further boost economic growth throughout the region.

Investing in infrastructure and transportation will enable us to lure and retain new citizens and new businesses. I will advocate for an expansion and modernization of all aspects of our infrastructure and significantly expand our systems of transportation, including railways and air travel, in order to be competitive in the 21st century, and improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.