The U.S. cannot bill itself as a first world country and global leader if it cannot deliver on something as fundamental to the well being of its citizens as health care.

I’m committed to ensuring affordable, accessible, quality health care for all Pennsylvanians, and to explore ways by which Pennsylvania can exert pressure on insurers and Big Pharma to control the cost of pharmaceuticals. I will fight to maintain and increase the Medicaid expansion, and to protect those with preexisting conditions. With the alarming rate at which mental health issues are increasing for folks of all kinds, we must prioritize mental health equally with physical well being, removing the stigma and making treatment options affordable and accessible. I will also work to pursue the most effective means by which to combat the opioid epidemic so that education, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, along with criminal justice reform, are strong tools being readily implemented to save the lives of countless Pennsylvanians.