No more reliance on borrowing or raising taxes.

No more kicking the can down the road in ways that have lead to credit downgrades and a poorer outlook for the next generation of Pennsylvanians. For too long, legislators in Harrisburg have tried to convince you that their actions don’t have consequences — and costs — locally. For example, their refusal to adequately fund public education has forced your local school boards to raise your taxes to make up for their shortfalls. I will fight to see that the state pays its fair share, rather than pass those burdens on to Pennsylvanians.

Having founded a small non-profit that must be thoughtful about every single dollar spent, I’ve found innovative ways to scale up and grow my operations with minimal cost increases, and I will bring that perspective to Harrisburg. I believe we can solve Pennsylvania’s fiscal challenges without burdening the taxpayer. I’ll work to balance our budget responsibly by cutting wasteful spending, closing loopholes and seeking out new areas for growth and increased revenue.