Every voter counts, and all votes matter.

But corrupt practices such as gerrymandering and voter suppression are unjust obstacles to achieving a truly fair and representative democracy, and diminish the power of the people. I am committed to ending any practices that hinder free and fair elections, including the implementation of significant financial reforms to end the influence of money in politics. Voting is the foundation of our system, and I will fight to see that all Pennsylvanians can cast their vote as simply and easily as possible, and to remove politics from the drawing of our legislative borders.

More specifically, I support the following measures:

  • Instituting a gift ban
  • Limiting the allowable contributions to candidates, with a possible move towards publicly funded elections
  • Terminating the corrupting role of dark money, and requiring transparency and accountability
  • Ending the revolving door between the legislature and lobbyists
  • Creation of an independent nonpartisan redistricting commission
  • Prohibiting gerrymandering of our state courts
  • Changing the House and Senate rules by which legislation can be voted on in a way that returns power to our legislators
  • Allow Election Day voter registration
  • Encourage in-person early voting
  • Automatic voter registration
  • Implementing universal design principles so that individuals with disabilities have equal access and ability to easily cast their vote
  • Strengthen Mail-In Voting
  • End closed primaries
  • Enable voter ballot initiatives