Dear Friends,

I want to first thank you for all of your support and hard work in 2018. We made a huge impact, despite the end result of that election not being what we’d hoped. The work we did mattered, resulting in policy changes and critical legislative victories that have improved the quality of life for countless Pennsylvanians, both inside and well beyond the borders of House District 28.

Our efforts gave voice and force to the many who saw the need for change both locally and across the state. The energy and passion with which we mounted our challenge to the status quo, insisting that we not only want better, but deserve it, drew volunteers from across the region to join our ranks. We proved that we can do more than just hope for a better future: we can create it.

When my husband Todd and I chose to move to this area a decade ago, we did so because this region embodies all the values with which we want to raise our two children. The deep and abiding respect for history, the pride of place, the commitment to community and family, and the remarkable ability to stay true to its roots while simultaneously embracing and pursuing a visionary future are qualities that make the Pittsburgh region so unique and full of promise.

Since moving here, I have dedicated myself to serving the community I love through my work with multiple nonprofits, including No Crayon Left Behind, which I founded and continue to run, and by volunteering in our children’s public schools, at our synagogue and various local organizations, and through my first run for office. Though my family and I have become part of the fabric of our community, we have never once taken it for granted; we still maintain the perspective of people who very deliberately sought out a place to lay down roots for our children, and hopefully one day grandchildren. Having lived in various places around the U.S., we have the gift of being able to recognize and cherish how lucky we are to make this our home.

In recent years, it has become clear that people and forces throughout local and state governments are working to take the Commonwealth in a harmful direction. Far from the incredibly dynamic and innovative evolution that brought families like mine here, these already powerful influences want to stop the many positive changes that would improve the lives of countless Pennsylvanians, and instead pursue an agenda that directs the power and prosperity into the hands of a few. With stakes this high in every sector, from education to healthcare to economics, from social justice to environmental justice, we cannot afford to be passive, and we
cannot afford to wait.

Now more than ever, we need representation committed to maintaining the fundamental core of this area’s identity, spirit and values while understanding how to welcome, embrace and integrate the systemic innovations necessary to thrive in the 21st century. We need leadership
that can appreciate and respect the past while still driving us forward to fulfill our potential. What this means for 2020 is ensuring that we have candidates who understand the needs and desires of their fellow residents, and campaigns with the means and the knowledge to defeat those who no longer serve the best interests of this region and its constituents. I have complete confidence that we have all of that in HD 28.

In the months since the November election, I’ve been meeting with folks from all across the state and been gratified to learn that our efforts in 2018 were well observed. More importantly, the significance of our performance is widely understood: With your help, I can defeat a Republican opponent in our district. Our collective achievements showed the capabilities of our coalition and of a far more vibrant, strong and unified force than most had realized. That force continues to grow each and every day, its energy continuing to be refined and harnessed. We in southwestern Pennsylvania are now rightfully seen as holding the power to create change at a critical time in history when change is desperately needed, for our students, for our seniors, for our sick and our addicted, for our LGBTQ and members of other marginalized or underserved populations, for our future workforce and current laborers, and for far too many others whose lives hang in the balance.

I have already spoken with many of you who have expressed a desire for me to run again, and your willingness to be a part of that effort. I am touched, I am humbled, but above all, I am inspired and motivated by your continued belief in me and our shared vision. I can think of no better way to honor the people and the place that have given me, my husband and our children so much than to share with you that I am running again in 2020 to finish the work we began and make our dreams for a brighter future the reality we deserve.

It’s time we elect leaders who can meet the needs of today without mortgaging tomorrow, who are willing to work for long-term solutions that are truly right and not just a short-term fix for right now. I am committed to being a representative for us all, serving the needs of our increasingly diverse community rather than pursuing expedient, superficial victories designed to placate constituents while advancing a partisan agenda or political career.

As we set out on the next leg of a journey we began over two years ago, we must never forget that we only achieved such an unprecedented result in 2018 because of our commitment not merely to the cause, but also to one another. I humbly ask once again for your trust and support, and that you will join me on the long road to November 2020. It will be challenging, and it will be a fight. But together, we can win.

It is my hope that you will signal your support today with a contribution to our campaign. I know that there are so many worthy candidates and causes vying for your attention and dollars, but campaigns like ours that seek to oust a deeply entrenched incumbent have their best chances at success when there are resources at the outset. We plan to start strong, building our team and networks now, so we can begin the critical work of sharing our vision and spreading our message as soon as possible. Please help us by becoming an early investor in our future today. Make a one-time or recurring contribution here:

With Gratitude,