July 24, 2017


IF ELECTED, EMILY SKOPOV IS COMMITTED TO: Putting community over career, and people over partisan politics. Working with folks of all political affiliations to solve the problems of Pennsylvanians. Building strong, safe, inclusive communities founded on common ground and common decency, to achieve the common good we want for ourselves and our neighbors. Fighting the trend towards privatization in education …

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June 3, 2017

Emily Skopov is the Featured Guest on the She Runs Podcast!

It’s out — the episode of the SheRuns.com podcast in which Emily is featured has arrived on itunes. If you haven’t met Emily or had the opportunity to hear her speak at an event, and you’re interested in learning about her as both a person and a candidate — especially regarding what inspired and motivated her decision to run and …

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March 9, 2017

Be that someone.

I have decided to run for office because I am so profoundly unhappy with the direction in which this country is headed, and which I can see mirrored right here in my adopted home state of Pennsylvania. Because I’ve seen, in recent months, that I was wrong to paint all politicians with the same brush. That there are still many out there fighting to keep the integrity and decency that motivated them to get into public office in the first place, despite facing adversaries who play by a different set of rules. And because I want my kids to live in the kind of world they deserve. The world I thought would be theirs because they had the great privilege of being born in the United States of America. So I am walking the walk in order that my children see that even someone like myself, not a career politician, can step up to make things better. I am a concerned citizen. I’m mad, I’m motivated, and I am using the voice that our constitution was written to defend, because I want my children, as well as all children across this amazing country, to know that they too can, and should, use theirs.

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